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Specifically For Business Mums and Female Entrepreneurs:

How To Earn AT LEAST $10,000 Per Month in 3 Months... GUARANTEED... Without Missing A Single Bedtime Story... Using Social Media Marketing

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Frustrated To SUPERSTAR

Renee Madge | Mother of 2 & Founder of iMADGEin Business Solutions

Video testimonial by:
Renee Madge: Mother of 2 & Founder of iMADGEin Business Solutions

Frustrated To SUPERSTAR


  • Low on confidence 
  • ​Too nervous to 'sell herself'
  • ​Working part time for someone else
  • ​Wanted to start her own business but didn't know how


  • Confidence to sell herself to clients
  • ​Supports herself & her family
  • ​Not reliant on anyone else for money
  • ​Runs her own social media business with 20 paying clients

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Potential Stroke to PROFITS

Paula Allsop | CEO & Founder of Star Social

Video testimonial by:
Paula Allsop | Founder & CEO of Star Social

Potential Stroke to PROFITS


  • Worked full time in a Government job she hated
  • ​Deteriorating health
  • ​Didn't think she'd be good enough to own her own agency


  • Fully replaced her income by starting her own agency 'Social Star'
  • ​Now focused on growing 'passion' - her own e-commerce business
  • ​Exciting more, sleeping better, gets to go swimming every day & spend time in Bali

Paula's Review on Facebook:

Results for one of Paula's clients:

What Paula says about Social Media College:

"I have to pinch myself every day now. I'm really stoked.

The mentorship, to me, is second to none.

I would have been able to achieve the results I have without knowing what to do. The [Social Media] College gave me all the foundations for that.

I would totally recommend this course. I have recommended this course.

I couldn't have set up my agency without the course. I would still be in my job. I wouldn't have had an option. I wouldn't have even known I had an option... I probably would have had a stroke by now from high blood pressure!"

Potential Stroke to PROFITS

Paula Allsop | CEO & Founder of Star Social

Video testimonial by: 
Annette Samojlowicz | Founder of The Social Media Motivator

Created a new career path and REINVENTED HERSELF


  • Worked in radio for 10 years
  • Moved into Childcare but wanted to leverage journalism experience


  • Grew in confidence
  • ​Started marketing herself as a social media consultant and manager
  • ​Started her own business and quickly gained new clients

What customers now say about Annette:

What Annette says about Social Media College:

"I would 100% recommend SMC. The course was easy to complete and full of useful information. The access to the mentors is so beneficial.

I gained the confidence to market myself as a social media consultant/manager. I was able to start my own business and through face to face networking secure my first clients. It meant I was very quickly able to add social media experience to my resume.

I managed to secure my first social media job within 3 months of completing the course and am currently working with multiple clients."

Over 6,000 enrolments & partnerships with over 30 of Australia's leading educators

Jonathan Tanner

Co-Founder & CEO

  • Co-authored the Diploma of Social Media Marketing
  • Co-founder of multiple businesses
  • Worked as a management consultant for 12 years, specializing in mergers & acquisitions for private equity firms, growth strategy and operational improvement.
  • ​Combined Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney.

Daniele Tanner

Co-Founder & Director

  • Co-authored the Diploma of Social Media Marketing
  • Has a vast experience in marketing and advertising, specializing in digital media.
  • 7+ years experience working with JCDecaux and AOL Platforms.
  • Nominated for Businesswoman of the Year at the Optus MyBusiness Awards.
  • ​Bachelor of Arts & Digital Media & Master of Digital Media from the University of Sydney.
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